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23/24 ODP Tryouts Info

Below you will find all tryout information including Registration, Schedules, Selection Criteria and FAQ’s.

Tryouts for the New Jersey Olympic Development Program (NJ ODP) are conducted every summer with the goal of selecting the best young soccer players in the state. During the tryouts, players are evaluated by qualified coaches who are looking for players with strong technical skills, tactical awareness, athletic ability, physical power, and a positive attitude. These qualities are important for success in soccer, and coaches use the tryout process to identify players who have the potential to thrive in the NJ ODP and represent the state in tournaments against other state teams in the region. The tryout process is competitive, and players who are selected for the NJ ODP are expected to be committed to the program and to the development of their skills. Those who are not selected are encouraged to continue working on their skills and to try out again in the future.  

NJ ODP Commitment  

It is important for players who are considering a position with the New Jersey Olympic Development Program (NJ ODP) to carefully review the schedule and consider their availability before committing to the program. Players who accept a position with the NJ ODP are expected to be fully committed to the program and to be available to attend all scheduled events and training sessions. We ask that all interested players carefully review the schedule and consider their availability before committing to NJODP.  


Interested players must sign up using the provided links below.  Please click on your child's birth year/gender to register. After registration, players will receive updates about the upcoming tryouts via email. 

23/24 ODP Tryouts Schedule (Stage 1 & 2)

The tryout schedule for all age groups are listed below. Goalkeepers tryout at the same time as field players with our Goalkeeper coaches. 
Initially, players attend Stage 1 tryouts, and those who are chosen in Stage 1 are then invited to participate in Stage 2. The players who are selected in Stage 2 tryouts will represent New Jersey ODP for the upcoming cycle. 


Stage 1 ODP Tryouts 

Dates: (July 29th,30th, August 5th,6th)
Location: Friendship Fields-Bordentown FC-455 Ward Avenue Chesterfield, NJ 08515 

2011, 2009, 2007 BOYS (9:00am-10:15am) 

2012, 2010, 2008 BOYS (11:00am-12:15pm) 

2011, 2009, 2007 GIRLS (1:00pm-2:15pm) 

2012, 2010, 2008 GIRLS (3:00pm-4:15pm) 

*Players are encouraged to attend as many tryout sessions as possible to be seen in front of our coaches. There are four dates players can attend all/some of these sessions.

Stage 2 ODP Tryouts (by invite only from Stage 1)

Dates: (August 19th & 20th)
Location: TBD


2011, 2009, 2007 BOYS (9:00am-10:15am) 

2012, 2010, 2008 BOYS (11:00am-12:15pm) 

2011, 2009, 2007 GIRLS (1:00pm-2:15pm) 

2012, 2010, 2008 GIRLS (3:00pm-4:15pm) 




Selection Process

The US Youth Soccer ODP Selection Process
New Jersey Youth Soccer conducts ODP try-outs on an annual basis. Registered players attend Stage 1 try-outs and if selected proceed to Stage 2. Selected players from stage 2 try-outs represent New Jersey ODP for the upcoming cycle.

To determine which players will be selected for the program, open tryouts are conducted by coaches who have experience in identifying players with exceptional skills. During the tryouts, players are evaluated on four key components that make up a skilled soccer player. These components include technical ability, tactical awareness, physical attributes, and psychological attitude. Based on these evaluations, the coaches will select the players who they believe have the potential to represent New Jersey ODP effectively. 

Communication for the Selection Process:

Stage 1 results will be announced in mid-August. 

Stage 2 results and official invitations, on the other hand, will be announced in mid-September. 

All communication regarding these announcements will be conducted through (New Jersey Youth Soccer Association) [email protected]. 


Tryouts FAQs

General Tryout Info:

What time should I arrive at tryouts?
Please arrive 45 minutes prior to the start time. 

How do I check in? On your first day of tryouts, you need to visit the registration table to receive your tryout number. 

Will I use the same tryout number for all tryouts? Yes, you will receive a shirt with your tryout number that needs to be worn to each tryout session your child attends.

Where should I go after registering? Once you have registered, you need to leave your bag in the designated area and precede to designated warm up area.  

Should I bring a ball? Yes, you must bring a properly inflated ball that is appropriate for your age group. 

Should I wear a specific shirt? Your child will be provided a tryout shirt at the first session they attend. This shirt needs to be worn at each session they attend.

Will water be provided? No, water will not be provided, so please come hydrated and bring plenty of water for hydration breaks. 

Stage 1 Tryouts: 

Do I need to attend all four tryouts in Stage 1? Players are encouraged to attend all four tryouts in Stage 1, which increases their chances of being selected. 

Do I need to inform NJYS if I cannot attend a tryout day? No, you do not need to email us if you cannot attend. 

Do I need to check in every time I arrive at a tryout? No, you do not need to check in every time. You should come to the field wearing your tryout shirt.

When will I know if I made it to Stage 2 tryouts? Players will be notified by mid August via email if they are invited to Stage 2. 

Stage 2 Tryouts

When are Stage 2 Tryouts? Stage 2 Tryouts will be held on August 19th and 20th. The training times and locations for each age group will remain the same, and the times will be added to our website in the upcoming week. 

Do I need to be invited to Stage 2? Yes, all players attending Stage 2 have been selected through stage 1.   

Selection for ODP: 

When will I be notified? Players will be notified by email after Stage 2 tryouts if they have made their age group pool around mid September. 

Where can I find the ODP Schedule for 2023/2024? You can find our tentative 23/24 ODP Schedules on our website. Schedules are subject to change, and locations have not been confirmed yet. Schedules will be updated once locations are confirmed. 

Where are ODP training sessions held? ODP training sessions will be in Central Jersey. 

Is it important that I attend all ODP events? We ask selected players to be fully committed to our program. 

Parent Information: 

Will there be a parent viewing area? Yes, there will be a parent viewing area, and we ask that parents remain in this area and refrain from communicating with players during the tryouts. 

Do parents need to be present at check-in? Parents can be present at check-in, but it is not necessary. 

Can parents/guardians drop off their kids and leave? We ask that parents remain on-site or nearby. 

Registration Listing

2023/2024 ODP Tryouts

NJ Youth Soccer ODP

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Freehold, New Jersey 07728
Phone : 609-490-0725
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